Where do I start?

Get in touch via the form on the contact page.  Let me know as much as you can about your project, including what you’re looking for and your time frame.  If you have a Pinterest board with ideas you love, go ahead and share the link!


Can I get a customized color?

Of course!  Provide the item you want matched, then I’ll do the experimenting and find just the right blend before sending it for your approval.  There is a small fee for custom color.


Can you match the envelope calligraphy style to my invitation?

I’ll do my best!  But please keep in mind calligraphy is not a computer font, rather it’s hand written with an old fashioned dip nib so there will always be variances, and a one-of-a-kind look.


Do you help with addressing etiquette?

There are rules of etiquette, but your idea of the perfectly addressed envelope may vary depending upon how formal your event is.  Generally speaking the outer envelope is more formal, with no abbreviations aside from titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)  You can find some good links here on my Address Formatting page!


Can you provide a template for my guest list?

Yes, you can find it here!


Uh-oh, I’m behind.  Can you still fit me in?

Not always, but I’m happy to give it a try!  If there’s space available on my calendar we’ll get you started and all caught up.  If I have jobs and need to squeeze you in, there will be an additional rush fee.  Vendors, where applicable, may also have a separate rush fee.


Do you mail the invitations too?

I do offer this service, however I prefer to do it only when you're on a tight timeline.  The reason for this is that even though I do proof the envelopes against the information you’ve provided, I like you to see the envelopes before they go out so you can catch other errors – like someone who may have recently moved, for instance.


How long will this take?

The entire process can take a few weeks.  For envelopes, allow production time of 1 week per 100, (more detail could take longer).


How do you deliver the finished project?

I’ll ship using either USPS Priority, UPS, or FedEx, depending on your timeline and preference.  Client is responsible for shipping costs.


More questions?