Here at Desert Plume Calligraphy we want to be sure those details that make the difference will match the vision you have for your special event.  We'll work together to find a calligraphy style and elements that will bring your dreams to life!  

Contact me with your details to get started!



Envelope Addressing

Your Save-the-Date and invitation envelopes are your guests' first impression of your day.  Their name, so beautifully penned in hand-written calligraphy, is their personal preview.  This will let each guest know just how special they are to you.

Styles range from modern to traditional, all penned lovingly by hand with a traditional-style dip pen and nib.

Don't forget your thank-you envelopes!


Day-of Stationery & Signage

You've spent months planning for this day.  Your escort cards, placecards, table numbers, menus and seating charts will show just how much you've put into making it a special day not only for you, but for each of your guests.  It's these added touches that will help to make it a day your guests won't forget!


Custom Designed Stationery

You've dreamed of this day, and have something special in mind.  We'll work together  to make it come to life.

Spot calligraphy provides just a few calligraphed elements for use in otherwise stock invitations.  I'll work with your stationer and provide a digital file. There are many design details that can be added to make your stationery one-of-a-kind and unique to your vision.

Fully customized suites can be all calligraphy, or a mix of calligraphy and type.  I can provide you with a digital file you can print yourself or send to a stationer, or I can take care of the printing using a trusted partner.  Different printing types include digital, letterpress, and foil.


Vows, Love Letters, Poems

A cherished keepsake for your treasured vows, these beautiful pages can be used during the wedding, or for a perfect first-year anniversary gift.

In this high-technology era, a handwritten calligraphy love letter or poem is a very meaningful gift to your special someone for their birthday, Valentine's day, or other special occasion.  It's beautiful seeing the joy that a handwritten gift will bring.


On-Site Calligraphy & Engraving

For personal, retail, or corporate promotional in-store events.

After purchasing a special gift at your store, your customers will love having a gift tag, envelope, or short note hand-written in beautiful calligraphy with a traditional dip-pen with nib, and ink, or watch as your calligraphed message in glass.

Convention attendees or employees at corporate events will enjoy seeing their name beautifully penned and having their tag as a keepsake of your event.